Saturday, November 22, 2014

June Pascal: Art

Brief Listings of paintings and artworks made by June Pascal during a 25 year period of creativity. © June Pascal. All rights reserved.

June Pascal: Recession Fashion Series.

From Youtube description:
These creations were made with love & care, out of necessity and creativity. These are samples to be used as aid in encouraging young people to start creating their own fashion statement, as opposed to just being consumers.

Some of the clothing on this slideshow have already been sold.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gendarme, Paris

                           Painting in oil on canvas,  24" x 36",  1986 by June Pascal
This is one of my favorite paintings, the uniform of the gendarme was still the long black cape no longer in use at the present.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

                         The Gypsy Circus, An oil painting by June Pascal 24" x 36" 1986,  Evry, France

                                               When did we stop playing like children?
                                                When we ran out of time?
                                                 But time is all we have.
                                                  We might as well be like children.        by June Pascal

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Are You, My Friend?

      How are you, my friend?
      How goes it. your broken heart?
      Are you still in Limbo,
      Or have you moved to Paradise?

As for me, I am here.
At peace, almost bliss,
By myself, with no he.
I am in Paradise.

     Do I get lonely, no, not at all.
     Id take this pen in hand to touch you
     ten thousand miles away.

How are you my friend?
How goes our days in a twinkle.
Let us be happy the rest of our lives,
Be one big ball of burning love,
Blazing like the sun.
First loving Self,
Then Everyone.

Further Adventures of Psyche in Pursuit of Happiness

""               Further Adventures of Psyche in Pursuit of Happiness

Once upon time there was a beautiful girl named Psyche. Her husband was Eros, another beauty. Everybody is beautiful in this story. Even Eros" mom was a known beauty, why in fact she was
none other than Aphrodite, the head Goddess of Love and Beauty.
When Eros brought Psyche to his kingdom, he said to his new bride, "Psyches, this here my kingdom
is your home. Here, you will have everything you will want and desire. Only one rule. Do not attempt to look at my face, to see me, not even a peep. I will come to your bed at night if you so desire me, but when I do, do not look at my face. All will be fine as long as you follow that rule. Otherwise, let's enjoy ourselves and so they did.

One year pass, Psyche's  sisters come for a visit. Trouble begins. Honeymoon over. Upon learning that Psyche was forbidden to see her husband"s face, the meddlesome sisters advised their sweet innocent sister  who in the past year was cavorting in happiness with Eros, told her to creep in quietly at night when Eros is sleeping and with an oil lamp softly lighting his face, she can see for herself if he was a monster or  a regular guy with issues. Both Wrong. He was the most beautiful man she has ever laid eyes . She so fell in love with him that in her shock , she accidentally spilled hot oil of the lamplight on the sleeping Eros who wakes up startled , sees what has happened and yells at the wife and says," I told you once, I told you a thousand times, do not attempt to look at my face. So now, I must leave and leave you I must." so off he goes, back to his Mom's to continue his sleep ; leave it to Mom to deal with the crying Psyche. Mama"s boy, oh yes, he was.

Next morning, here is Psyche having a heart to heart  talk with the mom-in-law."  I'm so so sorry that I did that. My sisters told me to do so. Please I'll do anything for him to return to me. Please help me, sweet and beautiful mother ." she pleads and cries. Aphrodite,  then says, "Awright, already. I will help you. But first, the classical but, you have to do me some errands,tasks,  chores, if you will. First chore for the day, "You see that granary over there as she points to a  granary nearby?' Psyche nods.  " I need for you to put it in order. All the grains, wheat, corn,  rice,millet, they're all in a mess. Separate them and put them in their own bags. You have until tomorrow.

"Oh shoot" our heroine wails. "What am I going to do? " and sits down to cry. Well, tears work.
An ant hears her crying, asks her, Psyche, why are you crying? She explains between sobs her
predicament. The ant says to her, "Not to worry, help will be here. "Head ant then calls on the entire army of ants to get on with the job and by morning, all done, spic and span. She's so happy. Runs to the Mom-in-law and proudly says All done." "Very good, Im so impressed.,"  Aphrodite smiles at her to give encouragement, as Love would do.

Here is the second task , Mom, now in a more serious tone tells our girl, "I want you to bring me the hair of the Golden Ram" Easier said than done. This was a ferocious being, would hurt anyone in his way. Again, she sits by the grass and gets scared by the second at having to face the beast and starts to wail, "What to do, what to do, what.s a girl to do"?  A swan passes by and tells her, You don"t have confront and fight the ram.At night he leaves his lair passing by a low bush and when he"s gone, gather the hair underneath the thorny bush and there you have it."Swan cooly glides away."Thanks" P. calls out. So with the good advise, girl hero gathers said golden hair, brings it back to the palace just in time
for a mango breakfast with Mom-in law. "Oh what a night i had. P.takes a deep sigh upon the bed.
"Tell me about it", Mom is ready to listen, as Love does.

Third and final task, "I want you to fill this phial with water from t he river Styx. Bring it back full."
With this mission on mind, Psyche heads for the river holding on to her two tokens given to her by a complete stranger wearing a black hooded gown who told her as he gave it to her, Here, take this two tokens.Do not give it to anyone. You will need this for yourself. When you get to the river's edge, you will need one to pay the ferryman, another on the way back. There will be beggars coming at you asking for help and alms, do not give your token away. That is for you to complete your task. Good that our girl listens, with phial of fresh water from the river Styx, she presents it to the goddess of Love who puts two drops of the magic potion in her eyelids upon sleeping and told the young girl, you did good work, take a rest and when you wake up, everything will be alright. Next morning, psyche wakes into the loving arms of Eros without the veil, without the rules and they all lived happily ever after.

In real time, here are the three tasks we need to accomplish ourselves in our journey to self fruition
First task; The cereals stand for past history, family, education, culture, learning ,habits, vices, loves. Put them all in perspective and prioritize. This way, you will be more clear where you will want to put your  time and energy to. Chase a dream, no matter how big or small, fun is in the chase.

The hair of the ram signifies power . As a woman, in achieving ones dreams, can have an array of
charm, beauty in spirit, body , feminine intelligence , mothering instincts , craft and talents to rightfully claim their own power.

As for the tokens, that's the safe money you need for your own use and pleasure. For the old age, for your development, your own passions and interest, for your health and peace of mind, your own needs
to be happy with your lot. Good news is as we get older, the less we need to make us happy.Don't forget to be good to yourself, remember, if you are not happy, nobody around you will be happy. End of story.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Christian and Myself in Central Park

                                         "Central Park" oil on canvas, 24"x30" 1984 by June Pascal
More about parenting: One of the best and easiest lesson in parenting that I got was from my own son Christian who at seven told me, "Mom,"he said, "Do not hit me, do not call me names, do not embarrass me in front of my friends. It is not fair that just because you are bigger and older than I am that you can do all those things to me." I looked at him for a second and answered " I think you are right. From now on. we are friends." From that point on, being a Mom became the easiest job in the world. Give respect, you g et respect. Give love, you get love. Easy as pie. Simple as logic.